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You want more somehow. You want to know what next, where next, how to get there?


Life, work, play – from impactful life events to a “feeling of unease”, from close to home to world sustainability.

One-to-One, Group, Corporate / Sustainability Coaching

It’s personal and it’s very professional.  

I am here

To help you discover the answers and unlock the power within you;


To decide what’s important, what matters, take action and have meaningful impact.
You will get to grips with what’s holding you back on the outside…and on the inside.
I will help you to inspire yourself to produce extraordinary results, boost your drive, re-ignite, bounce back, purposefully move forward…

And meaningfully lead your life.

It’s time to lead your life well lived …at home, at work, in the world.

RE-energise my mojo?

Regain my get-up-and-go?

Feel sharp and on top of my game?

Boost my confidence?

React differently?

Find/rediscover my edge?

Bring out the magic in me?

Boost my performance?

Be more motivated?

Feel more driven?

Face the obstacles?

Surmount the challenges?

Take action?

Fulfil my potential?


Boost my energy?
Look after myself better?
Know how my thinking impacts my health?

Listen to my body?
Regain my passion?
Feel better connected with me?


Understand what’s important to me?

Feel free to be me?

Make change happen?

Do what feels right?

Be open to the opportunities?

Break through to the next level?

Grab the challenges?

Feel like I’m living well?


Be a better partner/friend/team member/leader?

Connect with my children/parents/family?

Relate better/be more authentic?

Have more compassion/patience?

Overcome what is holding me back?

Develop my network?

Get back out there?


Know what I want to achieve?

Find my internal compass?

Deal with uncertainty/ambiguity better?

Overcome the overwhelm?

Take decisions?

Feel the strength of my convictions?

Make choices that are right for me?

Feel ready for the future?

“Nice to meet you! I'm Samia Shehadeh.
For more than two decades I have worked as a Coaching Psychologist and business change leader helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential.”

I work with people in all walks of life and help businesses deliver effective change and leadership programmes.

More recently, I have been working with motivated people to re-ignite their lives and bounce back from life events. 

In corporate and government contexts, I now have a focus on sustainability and supporting leaders who are championing and implementing on Sustainable Development Goals.


Helping to:


Explore the possibilities, overcome blockages, find equilibrium and wholeness, experience a higher level of living, empower thoughts, gain clarity and direction, become happier and more motivated, consider the alternatives, unlock the future, ignite the power within, work with uncertainty, gain momentum, know what next, where next and how to get there and too many other areas to mention.


The people I work with thrive and excel in leading themselves and their lives well each day.

What separates me from others is my passion and my agility to, together, inspire the power of you, your mind, your feelings your thoughts and your words to tap into resources that lie within you in order to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Together, we succeed.

“The closer you come to knowing that you alone create the world of your experience, the more vital it becomes for you to discover just who is doing the creating.”

Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Businesses and Governments responsibilities are not just to make money and profits, they must take care of Our Planet and its people too – and that includes supporting leaders  championing Sustainable Development. 

Samia Shehadeh


Supporting you to lead yourself in order to deliver what matters to you


Harnessing the power and support of a group environment to co-create solutions

Executive Coaching
sustainability Coaching

Inspirational and motivational high-performance coaching and facilitation for leaders

“Samia gave me insights, got me thinking and somehow, shifting and changing for the best.”

After my messy divorce, I wanted to find myself again and re-engage with life with so much better energy. I was angry, dissatisfied and didn’t know my direction. I had a life and, to all, it appeared successful  and somewhere, somehow, I’d lost myself in it. I’m now CEO of my own successful small business; I work with my powerful team; I have reconnected with family and friends in a way I could not have imagined 9 months ago. I’m feeling great! Samia, thank you for being here!


Business owner

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My clients ask for and expect confidentiality, so, in my testimonials, I do not share with you their full names and/or organisations.



My PHOTOS and my BLOG stories are personal to me and are from my life and my travels. I share these here with you.

I wish their copyright ownership to remain with me. I trust that you honour and respect their ownership and uniqueness and leave them to live here and for you to enjoy them on these pages.


My LOGO was designed by myself, quite literally, on the back of an envelope, in a moment of inspiration after a process of thought and creativity! It represents the Greek letter Psy, which is the symbol for psychology. I added to it the face of a person opening their arms and being to the world around them and to the possibilities and to the way ahead…yet it can also represent a person deep in thought, pondering, considering, exploring… a coaching psychological optical illusion! 

Here again, I trust you will honour its ownership in all its form and all it stands for and respect my wishes for copyright.  

Together we succeed